Epidote Flower on Calcite from Pakistan

Stunning Multiple crystals of Epidote trees sits right on top of the perfect Calcite without any damage at all. The shape is truly amazing. This could be a very fine and aesthetic specimen it has no damage at all in any where absolutely perfect! Weight618 gDimensions11 × 9 × 7.3 cmSize Hand size Quality Excellent Locality Raskao Mtn, Kharan district, Balochistan, Pakistan

Natural Pink Topaz on Matrix from Katlang Mardan

Due to the rarity and aesthetic appeal of this particular pink topaz on matrix from Katlang, it is highly sought after by minerals enthusiasts, and collectors.
Weight 18 g
Dimensions 3.7 × 3.5 × 3 cm
Size Miniature
Quality Excellent
Locality Ghundao Hill, Katlang, Mardan District, Pakistan

Sea Foam Tourmaline Crystal from Afghanistan

A fine piece of gemstone with a magical appearance. The color of this crystal is absolutely brilliant! Rarely do we find such a perfect sea foam tourmaline crystal with saturated blue color and pristine luster.
Weight 60 g
Dimensions 10.3 × 1.8 × 1.7 cm
Size Large Cabinet
Quality Exclusive
Locality Mawi Pegmatite, Laghman Province (Nuristan), Afghanistan